In keeping with our vision and values, Better Cotton is committed to maintaining a high degree of ethical conduct and work standards amongst our staff and associated personnel, and to setting expectations for ethical conduct in the supply chain.

Better Cotton recognises that anyone that engages with Better Cotton activities, people or programmes has the right to raise a complaint. Complaints can relate to any aspect of Better Cotton and its activities, including third parties with a direct relationship with Better Cotton.

Better Cotton will take seriously any complaint received and will assess and respond to it promptly, with the aim of seeking a resolution as quickly as possible.

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Better Cotton Complaints Policy and Procedures V2.0


Complaints can be made by anyone who engages with Better Cotton. This includes, but is not limited to:   

  • Members of the Association
  • Members of the public 
  • Programme partners 
  • Consultants carrying out work on behalf of Better Cotton or its affiliates 
  • Farmers
  • Farm workers
  • Producers’ staff
  • Cotton supply chain actors (e.g. ginners, spinners, traders, fabric makers, mills, end-product manufacturers, sourcing agents)

The Better Cotton Complaints procedure does not cover:

  • Complaints around activities not associated with Better Cotton or Better Cotton activities.  
  • Complaints against Better Cotton members not related to their Better Cotton membership.
  • Complaints covered by the Better Cotton Safeguarding Policy such as incidents of sexual abuse, exploitation or harassment or bullying and intimidation.
  • Complaints covered under the Better Cotton Whistleblowing Policy such as incidents reported by Better Cotton staff pertaining to wrong-doing of public interest.
  • Licensing decisions appeals – see the appeals section of the Assurance webpage for more information
  • Chain of Custody and supply chain appeals, referenced in the Chain of Custody Standard.

How to report a complaint 

There are two ways in which you can report a complaint. You can fill out the online Better Cotton complaints form below, or send a report directly to [email protected].  

If you would prefer to submit your complaint in a language other than English please do so by email and Better Cotton will arrange a translation.

When making a complaint please try to be as specific as possible and include the following details if possible: 

  • What is the nature of the complaint? 
  • Who was involved in the complaint? 
  • What happened?  
  • When did it happen? 
  • Your name and contact details, and name of anyone involved at Better Cotton and their role. 
  • Any other information that you think is important or relevant. 

If an investigation is required this may take several weeks to undertake especially where third party experts are needed. You will be notified when the investigation has concluded.  


Better Cotton will always maintain confidentiality in any reported complaints, meaning that only those who need to know about the details of a complaint will be informed of them. We cannot guarantee secrecy or anonymity.