Conference Turkiye
Why We Are Bringing the Better Cotton Conference to Istanbul

We’re excited to host the Better Cotton Conference 2024 in Türkiye – click below to find out why.

Introducing Better Cotton Traceability

We have officially launched Better Cotton’s traceability solution, enabling Members to source Better Cotton from a specific country with confidence by tracing it to the country level.

Conference keynotes
Better Cotton Conference 2024 – Meet Our Keynote Speakers

The Better Cotton Conference 2024 will be held in Istanbul, Türkiye and online from 26-27 June.

We have just announced our four keynote speakers for the conference – to meet them, click below!

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What is Better Cotton?

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Better for

…using the knowledge, support and resources we provide to grow cotton – and other crops – more sustainably

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Better for
Farm Workers

…who benefit from improved working conditions and a higher standard of living

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Better for
Farming Communities

…where inequalities are confronted and women become more empowered.

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Better for
large farms

…whose investment in sustainability is recognised, ensuring they can meet buyers’ demands and safeguard their markets.

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Better for
suppliers and manufacturers

…that understand when they meet customer demand for sustainably-sourced products, they grow their businesses.

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Better for
retailers and brands

…who can combine stable, long-term sources of sustainable cotton with doing the right thing (for both people and planet).

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Better for

…who, from a glance at a logo,
know their clothes are also made with moral fibre.

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Better for
civil society organisations

…that can use our platform to continue the drive for more ethical and more transparent behaviour across the sector.

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Better for

…because all their funding goes straight to the farms and communities where it can have a real impact.

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Better for

…that can draw on our expertise and resources to plot a nationwide path to sustainability

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Better for
the world

…that we all live in and must all take better care of.

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Better for
The journey

…to a truly sustainable future continues. There will be no let-up. It’s the only way we can all be part of something better.

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A membership that spans the cotton sector

Join a network of more than 2,500 members around the world

Civil Society

Any not-for-profit organisation that serves the public interest and common good, connected to the cotton supply chain.

Producer Organisations

Any organisation that works with or represents cotton producers, like cotton farmers and farm workers.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Any commercial organisation in the supply chain, from the farm gate up to the shop door; from processing, to buying, selling, and financing.

Retailers & Brands

Retailers and

Any consumer-facing commercial organisation, but especially ones in apparel, home, travel and leisure.



Any organisation that doesn’t belong to one of the other categories but is committed to Better Cotton.



Annual Report 2022-23

From the group of visionary organisations that realised cotton needed a sustainable future to one of the world’s leading sustainability initiatives, the Better Cotton story continues. Last year 2.2 million Better Cotton farmers produced 5.4 million tonnes of Better Cotton, or 22% of the world’s cotton production.

Read the 2022 Annual Report and discover how we’re taking the next strides on our mission to a truly sustainable future.

India Impact Report 2023

India has been a pioneering force within the Better Cotton Programme since its first Better Cotton harvest in 2011, and now has the largest number of farmers participating in the Better Cotton Programme.

Our India Impact Report examines data from the 2014-15 to 2021-22 cotton seasons, as well as programmatic information up to 2023, and identify trends in the results of Better Cotton in India. 


Sowing the Seeds of Success: Better Cotton’s Journey in Egypt’s Nile Delta
‘Regenerative is Local’: Texas Cotton Growers Explore Lessons Learned From 20 Years of Regenerative Agriculture
2023 Wrap-Up: Looking Back at a Landmark Year for Better Cotton
Egypt and Türkiye Field Trips Give First-Hand Insights into Sustainable Cotton Farming
World Cotton Day 2023 – Stories from India, Turkey and Pakistan
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