Safeguarding means incidents of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse where the person causing the harm is associated with Better Cotton or one of our partners.

If you have experienced or suspect harm of this nature please report this to us so that we can take action to support the survivor and reduce the risk of incidents of this nature occurring again.

How to report an incident

There are three ways in which you can report an incident:

Talk to staff

Talk to a member of staff directly

Complete the online form here:

Please note that your report does not need to be in English. Please report in the language you feel most comfortable using.

What information to provide

Please be specific and include the following details:

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who was involved?
  • Any other information that you think is important or relevant
  • Your contact details

What happens next?

Safeguarding incidents will be reviewed and responded to, where possible, within 72 hours.

A member of our safeguarding team will get in touch with you to request a call to discuss the situation further.


Better Cotton will always maintain confidentiality in any reported complaints meaning that only those who need to know about the details of a complaint will be informed of them.

For further information

Further detail regarding our commitment and approach to Safeguarding is outlined in the Better Cotton Safeguarding Policy.

The Better Cotton Code of Conduct details the behaviours expected of anyone that directly carries out work on behalf of Better Cotton.

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Better Cotton Safeguarding Policy

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Better Cotton Code of Conduct – Third Party Verifiers