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Better Cotton in China

China is the world’s largest cotton producer and a major consumer of cotton.

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Figures from 2019/20 season.

According to the FAO, China produced 23.5 million tonnes of seed cotton in 2019. However, cotton farming can be challenging in the regions where Better Cotton is grown. Uncertain cotton prices, extreme weather and natural disasters all pose distinct challenges to creating healthy, profitable yields.

The first Better Cotton harvest took place in China in 2012. Better Cotton works in two areas: the Yangtze River and Yellow River Basins, and supports farmers in three provinces (Hebei, Hubei and Shandong).

Better Cotton Partners in China

Better Cotton works with four Programme Partners in China:

  • CottonConnect China
  • Huangmei County Huinong Scientific and Technology Planting and Breeding Cooperative
  • Shandong Binzhou Nongxi Cotton Professional Cooperative
  • Songzi Nanwuchang Grain Cotton Oil Specialised Cooperative

Sustainability challenges

Climate change is becoming a growing risk in the key cotton-producing areas of the Yangtze River and Yellow River Basins, where cotton farmers face extreme heat, droughts and flooding. Growing cotton in these conditions is challenging. Increasingly, pests and disease are also occurring more frequently, which can affect fibre quality and crop yield. Working with our Programme Partners, we help cotton farmers in China to build resilience to climate change, adopt affordable and sustainable techniques to save water, protect their crops and guard against pests.

Find out more about the outcomes farmers are experiencing by participating in the Better Cotton programme in our latest Farmer Results Report.

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