Better Cotton’s five Impact Targets underpin the organisation’s 2030 Strategy and map out how we will measure and communicate progress as we drive transformational changes at the field level.

Born out of years of consultation with our partners and experts, each target has its own specific goals which we aim to reach by 2030, along with indicators and methods of data collection. And while unique in their proposed impact, the targets all feed into one another to create an integrated blueprint for a better future.

Smallholder Livelihoods

By 2030, sustainably increase the net income and resilience of two million cotton farmers and workers.

Women’s Empowerment

Reach one million women in cotton with programmes and resources that promote equal farm decision-making, build climate resilience, or support improved livelihoods. And ensure 25% of field staff are women with the power to influence sustainable cotton production.

Soil Health

Ensure 100% of Better Cotton Farmers have improved the health of their soil


Reduce the use and risk of synthetic pesticides applied by Better Cotton Farmers and workers by at least 50%

Climate Change Mitigation

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% per tonne of Better Cotton lint produced by the end of the decade

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