Reaching millions of farmers, workers and their communities to improve the way they grow cotton can only happen with direct, field-level support. This requires partnership, collaboration and local knowledge. It’s why over the last decade we’ve built a network of close to 60 field-level partners in 22 countries.

In this time, these partners have delivered training and support to almost 4 million people, who today make up Better Cotton’s diverse and global producer community, including farm workers, share croppers and all those connected with the growing of cotton, as well as more than 2.2 million licensed Better Cotton Farmers.

Local Leadership

Better Cotton couldn’t happen without this local leadership: local partners who know how to implement our joint aims and objectives in their country or region for best results. The sustainable practices they teach at field level increase yields, protect the environment, and improve livelihoods. The data they collect proves these practices work and enables both partners and farmers to continuously improve.

Better Cotton Partnership Framework

These partnerships are so central to our ambitions that we’ve created the Better Cotton Partnership Framework, a set of tools and management practices to develop existing and new partnerships. Our Implementation Team nurtures these relationships to combine and expand the worldwide production of Better Cotton.

Programme and Strategic Partners

While Programme Partners work with farming communities at field level to ensure they are producing cotton that meets the Better Cotton Standard, Strategic Partners join with us to champion, benchmark and future-proof sustainability. Partners could be any of the following:

  • National or regional producer organisations like ABRAPA in Brazil, APROCA in Mali and Cotton Australia. 
  • Governments and governmental bodies involved with their cotton industries, like The Cotton and Oilseeds Institute of Mozambique.
  • Initiatives that grow, promote and sell Better Cotton like Turkey’s IPUD and Cotton Made in Africa, managed by Aid by Trade Foundation.

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