BCI Code of Practice

The Membership Code of Practice is what you commit to as a BCI Member. Please make sure you take the time to read it and to share it within your organisation. Each member must sign and adhere to the Code Of Practice as part of the initial application process.

BCI Terms of Membership

The Terms of Membership are available to download below:

Association Statutes

The Statutes of the association are available to read by downloading below:

Data Protection Policy

The Better Cotton Initiative values its members’ support and loyalty. We recognise that data protection is an important issue and have therefore developed a Data Protection Policy to outline our practices regarding the personal and organisation information we collect when you become BCI Members and access the services provided as part of this membership.

  • Data Protection Policy 220.18 KB

    The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the nature, extent, and purposes of the collection and use of personal data.

Policy on Communicating Data

BCI is committed to ensuring that credible data demonstrating progress and results is communicated to BCI Members, partners, funders, farmers, and the public. The reputation of BCI rests in large part with the credibility of its data. Data is therefore provided at strategic moments throughout the cotton production cycle to allow actors engaged in the Better Cotton network to effectively use and learn from it. The BCI Policy on Communicating Data specifically addresses:

  • types of data about which BCI communicate
  • the rationale for any limitations on data use
  • when and how data is made available by BCI
  • Better Cotton Policy on Communicating Data 1.48 MB

    This policy is aimed at Better Cotton staff, members, partners, and funders. It refers to the periodic communication of data by Better Cotton

Anti-trust Policy

The Better Cotton Initiative intends to conduct its affairs in compliance with the applicable antitrust/competition laws of the United States, the states within the United States and other countries and jurisdictions. Accordingly, BCI has adopted an Antitrust Policy for itself and its members, advisors, and participants, in connection with participation in BCI’s activities. Please make sure you read the BCI Anti-trust Policy below:

  • Better Cotton Anti-trust Policy 150.35 KB

BCI New Country Start-Up Policy 2016

We continue to receive requests from countries wanting to start growing Better Cotton. The BCI New Country Start-Up Process provides the approach and methodology that an entity should follow, if wishing to initiate a Better Cotton Programme in a new country.  This process is detailed in the BCI New Country Start-Up Policy 2016, which can be reviewed below.


Full details on the BCI Grievance Management Process are available below.

The BCI grievance management process aims at providing a transparent, efficient and impartial process and mediation to address grievances, with respect for sensitive information. It is open only to BCI members and those stakeholders formally involved with BCI.

Should a Member have a grievance related to BCI’s activities, this can be raised and managed through the BCI Grievance Management Process. You can read more about the process below.

The Grievance Management Committee (GMC) serves as the appellate organ of last resort for decisions arising from the grievance management process and works as a reviewing organ when the Council is one of the parties involved in a grievance process. The GMC is composed of 1 member from each of the membership categories, appointed by the Council, from amongst a list of voluntary members, for one year renewable twice consecutively.

  • Grievance Management Process 202.14 KB

    Approved by the BCI Council – with revisions approved on 8 December 2010, and 29 June 2012