Here you can find Better Cotton’s policies and guidelines as well as details on our grievance process.

Membership Policies and Guidance

Better Cotton Member Code of Practice

The Membership Code of Practice is what you commit to as a Better Cotton Member. Each member must sign and adhere to the Code in the initial application process.

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Member Code of Practice


Better Cotton Terms of Membership

The Terms of Membership outlines terms of payment, adherence to the Code of Practice and termination of membership.

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Terms of Membership


Anti-trust Policy

Better Cotton intends to conduct its affairs in compliance with the applicable antitrust/competition laws of the United States, the states within the United States and other countries and jurisdictions. 

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Better Cotton Anti-trust Policy


Better Cotton Statutes

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Better Cotton Statutes


Programme Policies

New Country Programme Policy

Better Cotton’s New Country Programme Policy aplies to situations where there is interest to implement a Better Cotton project in countries where Better Cotton is currently not produced. Download the policy to learn more.

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Better Cotton New Country Programme Policy 2022


Data Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy and security of your personal information is a priority at Better Cotton, and we believe that a single, comprehensive privacy policy that is straightforward and clear is in the best interests of the Better Cotton community.

Policy on Communicating Data

We are committed to ensuring that reliable data about Better Cotton activities and licensed production, as well as demonstrated progress and results, are regularly communicated to Better Cotton members, partners, producers, funders, and the public. This policy refers to the periodic communication of data by Better Cotton.


Better Cotton has zero tolerance for any attitudes or behaviours that put our staff, those impacted by our programmes, or the wider community we work with at risk of harm. 


Better Cotton is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity and expects all staff to maintain high standards of work at all times. Any suspected wrongdoing must be reported as soon as possible. 

Risk Policy

Better Cotton Risk Registration and Management Policy provides the framework through which the organisation aims to identify, register and manage risk.


The Better Cotton complaints management policy aims at providing a transparent, efficient and impartial process and mediation to address complaints.

Anyone that engages with Better Cotton activities, people or programmes has the right to raise a complaint. Complaints can relate to any aspect of Better Cotton and its activities, including third parties with a direct relationship with Better Cotton.