Photo credit: Better Cotton/Carlos Rudiney. Location: SLC Pamplona Farm, Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil. 2023. Description: Diego André Goldschmidt, Coordinator of Agricultural Production and Cristian Elias Wolfart, Tillage Coordinator at SLC Agrícola.

We’re pleased to release our Annual Report 2022-23 this week. The annual report provides an important opportunity to reflect on the progress Better Cotton has made towards our goals in the past year, exploring field and market successes and challenges, and sharing key financial information.

In this report, we see that:

  • In the 2022-23 cotton season, the Better Cotton programme reached more than 2.8 million cotton farmers in 22 countries
  • 2.2 million licensed farmers grew 5.4 million tonnes of Better Cotton – this accounted for 22% of global cotton production and equalled a 15% production increase on the previous season
  • In 2022, Better Cotton’s membership reached 2,563. Non-member users of the Better Cotton Platform exceeded 10,000 for the first time – reaching 11,234 suppliers
  • Retailer and Brand Members sourced 2.6 million tonnes of Better Cotton – accounting for more than 10% of global cotton production 

Alongside this data, our Annual Report 2022-23 explores some of our biggest endeavours of the 2022-23 fiscal year. We finalised the Principles and Criteria v3.0, and launched our Impact Targets for our 2030 Strategy. We’ve also been working on a Traceability Solution with new Chain of Custody models, all of which launches in the coming weeks.

We’ve set a strong foundation to focus on deepening our impact across the global cotton sector. We hope you’ll read the report and learn more about the progress we’re excited to see in sustainable cotton production.

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Better Cotton 2022-23 Annual Report

Better Cotton 2022-23 Annual Report
Sharing key Better Cotton updates, successes and challenges from the past year and cotton season.

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