This online training session is directed to all existing and new Better Cotton Suppliers and Manufacturers who are interested in learning more about Traceable (also known as Physical) Better Cotton, the Better Cotton Platform (BCP), and the Chain of Custody Standard v1.0.

Better Cotton’s traceability solution went live on November 2 by introducing a new functionality within the BCP that will enable tracing Better Cotton back to its country of origin. The solution will enable Better Cotton Retailer and Brand Members to verify the country of origin of traceable Better Cotton in their products, and Better Cotton Farmers and Suppliers to benefit from ongoing access to increasingly regulated international markets.

This session will take place in Mandarin and all participants are required to register and be on time according to the Cisco Webex guidelines.

We look forward to meeting you in the cloud to jointly promote the successful implementation of the traceability solution and thank you for your continued support and cooperation. If you have any questions about registration and login, please call +86-4008861251-3 or 86-4008861251-5 in advance.





线下会议:发邮件到[email protected] 询问线下会议及注册的具体信息。

线上参会: 为了确保我们的合作伙伴充分了解可溯源方案,良好棉花要求每家企业至少派遣一名合规性负责人出席此次会议,也鼓励BCP操作人员也参加此次会议,以全面地了解新监管链标准及升级版良好棉花平台的相关操作。每家企业参会人员不限。


-          了解可溯源良好棉花的背景和商业案例

-          理解新监管链标准第1.0版本的实施,包括相关的管理体系

-          完成实物监管链标准注册表(如果您尚未完成),并了解后续步骤

-          熟知交易操作的良好棉花平台

Supplier Training Programme Traceability
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November 1, 2024
14:00 - 16:30 (GMT)

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