Claims Framework

BCI works on the principle of evidence-based communication. To communicate this evidence effectively, the Better Cotton Claims Framework has been designed as the key vehicle which allows members to make positive and credible claims about their own Better Cotton activities, and links these activities directly to the value and impact of Better Cotton in terms of sustainable cotton production, and improved livelihoods for cotton-growing communities.

The Better Cotton Claims Framework (previously referred to as BCI Communication Rules), makes it simple for members to make valid claims about Better Cotton use, enabling members to continue to raise the profile of and promote Better Cotton. It provides clarity and simplicity in claiming, the ability to talk about impact, and consistency in talking about Better Cotton and BCI.

Claims on the use of Better Cotton can be made by all BCI members relative to their membership status, role in the supply chain, and (for supply chain actors) their levels of Better Cotton use. In principle, the more Better Cotton a member procures, the greater the level of claim that can be made, and the higher the impact of the communication. Claims can be applied at corporate, brand, and in-store level, and high procurement Retailer & Brand Members are allowed to customise their claims with the approval of BCI. The Better Cotton Claims Framework provides a clear set of claims that align with the Better Cotton Traceability System, and claims will be validated through this system.