Better Cotton Claims Framework

The Better Cotton Claims Framework makes it simple for BCI Members to make credible and positive claims about Better Cotton, and allows flexibility in how to communicate about your commitment.

Many other communications resources are available, such as quotes, images, Stories from the Field and promotional artworks. By combining claims in the framework with these other resources, a member can articulate a compelling story which is meaningful to them and their customers.

Always refer to the Better Cotton Claims Framework to ensure that the context in which you want to use a claim is not in breach of your agreed conduct as a BCI Member. Use of the Claims Framework is governed by the BCI Code of Practice, BCI Terms of Membership, and BCI Monitoring Protocol.

Download the Better Cotton Claims Framework V2.0The Claims Framework is also available in Chinese.

Supporting documents

Claims Framework Review

In January 2019, a consultation took place opening the Better Cotton Claims Framework V1.1 up to review. The scope of the review was limited to claims available to BCI Retailer and Brand Members, although all of BCI’s stakeholders were invited to participate in the consultation process by offering feedback via a questionnaire.

Learn more about the review process here.

Norwegian Consumer Authority Update 2020

The Norwegian Consumer Authority is updating its legislation with regards to how products are marketed as sustainable in Norway. New legislation, which will be published in January and come into effect in March 2020, will require brands to ensure that when a mass balance system is in use, a ‘transparent communications approach’ is taken. BCI is in conversation with the Norwegian Consumer Authority and understands that brands who communicate in line with the Better Cotton Claims Framework V2.0 by March 2020 will not be effected by these changes. This includes transitioning to the new On-Product Mark and including information about mass balance on your brand/commerce website.

Whilst efforts have been made to ensure the claims outlined within the Claims Framework are only ever transparent and never misleading, the choice to make claims, and the responsibility to ensure claims comply with relevant laws and legislation, lies with the BCI Member. We recommend your legal teams are consulted to ensure the claims you are making are appropriate for the markets in which you operate.

Under the Claims Framework V2.0, brands should:

  • Update the sustainability pages of their brand/commerce websites to include information on mass balance by the end of January 2020.
  • Transition to use of the new updated logo and On-Product Mark text claims as soon as possible.