We are pleased to announce the publication of the BCI 2014 Annual Report. This is the first of two reporting stages in 2014, in which you will find the latest updates on global numbers, membership and partnership activities, reviews of our organisational progress, and our financial statements.

Highlights include:

» The total number of farmers licensed to produce Better Cotton was 1.2 million – a 65% increase on 2013.

» 8.7% of global cotton production (or 2.3 million Metric Tonnes of lint) was grown to the Better Cotton Standard in 20 countries.

» We brought on more new members than our target, with 468 Members contributing the success of BCI – almost a 50% increase on 2013.

» A “Demand Strategy’ was launched, aiming to recruit more Retailer and Brand Members creating increased demand for Better Cotton throughout the supply chain.

» We became a member of the ISEAL Alliance.

We’re really proud of our progress to date in 2014. There will be more to report when we release the BCI 2014 Harvest Report (containing data from the field), which you can look forward to reading in September 2015.

To read the BCI 2014 Annual Report in Full, click here.

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