BCI Reports

Here you will find the BCI Annual Report and historic BCI Harvest Reports, containing data from the field. For quarterly BCI updates, please subscribe to the Better Cotton Quarterly newsletter.

Better Cotton is sown and harvested in different annual cycles all over the world. In some regions, sowing and harvesting take place in the same calendar year, and in others, these activities spread over two calendar years. This means that globally complete harvest data is only available later on in the following year, after the harvests.

You can access country-level information here, and you can find the latest BCI Farmer results from the 2017-18 season here. The results compare country averages of key environmental, economic and social indicators achieved by BCI Farmers, to comparable farmers in the same regions who operate outside of BCI projects. We refer to these farmers as the Comparison Farmers.

In the historic BCI Harvest Reports you will find global Better Cotton results by country, and updates on our strategic thinking and progress. The Harvest Reports also include countries where a benchmarked standard exists. Benchmarking is a process of comparing one organisation’s policies, practices, standards or systems with those of similar organisations, and identifying gaps between them. BCI works with other standards on benchmarking with the Better Cotton Standard System.

2019 Reports

2019 Annual Report

Learn more about our successes, challenges and the progress we are making towards our 2020 targets.

2019 Better Cotton Country Snapshots

Did you know that Brazil produced the largest volumes of Better Cotton in the 2018-19 cotton season and that India had the greatest number of licensed BCI Farmers? In our new Country Snapshots, we dive into each country where Better Cotton is grown and explore the successes, challenges and key changes that occurred in the 2018-19 cotton season.