Chain of Custody

As part of BCI’s commitment to continual improvement, we are making some changes to how Better Cotton Claims Units (BCCUs) can be transferred through the BCP and the supply chain. Thisis designed toprotect the credibility of BCI’s chain of custody system and simplify the transfer of BCCUs.

What is the Better Cotton Platform?

The Better Cotton Platform (BCP) is an online system owned by BCI, and used by ginners, traders, spinners, other textile supply chain actors, and retailers and brands to document their Better Cotton sourcing volumes.Find out more about the Better Cotton Platform.

What are Better Cotton Claims Units?

A BCCU is the designated unit that corresponds to 1 kg of Better Cotton lint sold by a participating ginner.

Important Changes

  • As of 1 January 2020, companies wishing to transfer Better Cotton Claim Units (BCCUs) must do so electronically through the BCP. Starting on this date, members or BCP non-member suppliers* will no longer be able to transfer BCCUs using the manual entry option that is currently available in the BCP.
  • If a company is already a member of BCI or a BCP non-member supplier, no action is required.
  • Paper/hard copy Output Declaration Forms (ODFs) will no longer be accepted as a transaction entry method in the Better Cotton Platform.
  • BCI Retailer and Brands Members will have until 31 March 2020 to manually addBCCUs to their accounts (for ODFs generated before 31 Dec 2019).
  • The annual BCP access fee will be reduced from ‚Ǩ750 to ‚Ǩ500 on 1 June 2019.
  • There will be a 20% promotional discount available for those who sign up for a new BCP account between 1 June – 30 September 2019.

*A BCP non-member supplier is a company that is not a BCI member but has access to the BCP and can transfer BCCUs electronically using a supplier, end-product manufacturer, non-lint trader or sourcing agent account type.

For more information, please visit the BCP homepage.


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