Better Cotton Platform

What is the Better Cotton Platform?

The Better Cotton Platform (BCP) is an online system owned by BCI, and used by ginners, traders, spinners, other textile supply chain actors, and retailers and brands to document their Better Cotton sourcing volumes. Find out more about the Better Cotton Platform.



Important BCP Changes 2019

As part of BCI’s commitment to continual improvement, we are making some changes to how Better Cotton Claims Units (BCCUs) can be transferred through the BCP and the supply chain. This is designed to protect the credibility of BCI’s chain of custody system and simplify the transfer of BCCUs.

  • As of 1 January 2020, companies wishing to transfer Better Cotton Claim Units (BCCUs) must do so electronically through the BCP. Starting on this date, members or non-member BCP Supplier* will no longer be able to transfer BCCUs using the  manual entry option that is currently available in the BCP.
  • If a company is already a member of BCI or a BCP non-member supplier, no action is required.
  • Paper/hard copy Output Declaration Forms (ODFs) will no longer be accepted as a transaction entry method in the Better Cotton Platform.
  • BCI Retailer and Brands Members will have until 31 March 2020 to manually add BCCUs to their accounts (for ODFs generated before 31 Dec 2019).
  • The annual BCP access fee has been reduced from €750 to €500.

*A non-member BCP Supplier is a company that is not a BCI member but has access to the BCP and can transfer BCCUs electronically using a supplier, end-product manufacturer, non-lint trader or sourcing agent account type.

Overview of BCP Changes and FAQ (translations available)

For more information about the BCP changes, please review our Key Changes document and our detailed FAQ.

Translations are available below. Additional translations will be added in due course.


Italian BCP FAQ

Italian BCP Changes Overview 


Chinese BCP FAQ

Chinese BCP Changes Overview


French FAQ

French BCP Changes Overview 


Portuguese FAQ

Portuguese BCP Changes Overview


Spanish FAQ

Spanish BCP Changes Overview 

Important Dates

Guidance Documents for Suppliers

BCI Membership Vs. Better Cotton Platform Access

What is the difference between BCI Membership and Better Cotton Platform access?

Download the table as a PDF.


page1image2640293072BCP Non-Member Supplier

BCP account and user ID

page1image2600290608 page1image2600291296page1image2600311936page1image2600312336page1image2600244544

BCP access for multiple account holders

page1image2600246272 page1image2600247024

Listing within the BCP platform

page1image2600224816 page1image2600272224page1image2600272816page1image2600273088page1image2600273632

Inclusion in BCI’s public online member list

page1image2600254416 page1image2600275776page1image2600275984page1image2600275280

Access to BCI logo to use on comms materials e.g. e-mail template, website, marketing materials and reports

page1image2600234864 page1image2600258464

Access to the BCI On- Product Mark to communicate Better Cotton sourcing commitments

BCI Retailer and Brand Members only


Eligible to be a BCI Council representative

page1image2600399600 page1image2600398800page1image2600400400

Eligible to vote for the BCI Council representatives

page1image2600410640 page1image2600413184page1image2600411824page1image2600412768page1image2600409392page1image2600409936

Annual fee


Based on membership category. Visit the BCI website for more information.

€500 as of 1 June 2019

If you are interested in membership, please click here or contact

Better Cotton Platform login

If you already have a BCP account, you can access it here.