Better Cotton is meeting the climate crisis head on. Along with our extensive network of partners and members, we are working to make cotton farming more climate-resilient and sustainable, while aiming to protect the livelihoods of farming communities. Already, almost a quarter of the world’s cotton is produced under the Better Cotton Standard across 23 countries, supporting almost 3 million farmers.

Recognising the ever-increasing challenges, we are developing our Climate Approach to support farmers to further mitigate their impact on climate change and adapt to its consequences. We know we must enhance and accelerate our efforts, and bring in new innovations, in order to achieve our mission.

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Better Cotton’s Climate Approach



What does climate action mean to you?

During the Better Cotton Conference 2022, we took the opportunity to ask attendees what climate action means to them, both personally and in their professional roles within organisations spanning the cotton sector and beyond. Check out their answers in the series below.