Following the Better Cotton 2022 Council Election, we are delighted to welcome four new members to the Better Cotton Council – an elected and appointed board that works together to drive cotton towards a truly sustainable future.

The new Council Members from Auscott, Ikea, Olam Agri and Walmart will represent three Better Cotton membership categories: Retailers and Brands, Suppliers and Manufacturers and Producer Organisations.

Retailers and Brands

Arvind Rewal, Cotton Development Manager

“We believe that together with the other Council Members, Ikea can help Better Cotton reach its goal of creating a better global cotton industry for people and the planet. Together we can and will make it happen.


Gerson Fajardo, Director, Sustainability, Raw Materials & Benchmarking

“I want to thank Better Cotton and my fellow Retailer and Brand Members for giving me the opportunity to serve in the Council for two years. I will work tirelessly and collaboratively with other Council Members to advance Better Cotton’s goals to improve conditions for people and the planet.”

Gerson has been nominated to the second elected Retailer and Brand Member seat on the Council until the next election in June 2024.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Olam Agri
Ashok Hegde, CEO, Fibre, Industrial & AG Services

“As an industry, we have an incredible opportunity to transform the cotton value chain into a fully traceable and sustainable one where everyone benefits – from farmer to consumer. The future is bright, and I look forward to walking this journey together.”

Ashok will share the role with his colleague Mahesh Ramakrishnan.

Producer Organisations

Bob Dall’Alba, Former CEO, Queensland Cotton

“Cotton producers from all countries – whether smallholders or large farms – need a strong voice on the Better Cotton Council to represent them. I’d like to share the experiences that I’ve gained from being a partner in the transformation of the Australian cotton industry over the last 30 years and my knowledge across production, ginning and marketing to guide other Council Members in the discussion process to get the best outcome for farmers. “

Our four new Council Members will commence their Council duties in September 2022.

The Better Cotton Council sits at the centre of the organisation and is responsible for Better Cotton’s strategic direction. Together, the Council Members shape the policy that ultimately helps to fulfil our mission: to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

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