Collaboration is essential to delivering the Better Cotton programme across the world. That’s why we’ve developed an extended network of on-the-ground Programme Partners, to help cotton farming communities to adopt more sustainable practices.

These partners are critical to our success. They play an important role in leading training and support in the field, reaching ever more farmers to provide opportunities to improve their practices. With a strong understanding of local environments and challenges, our close to 60 Programme Partners deliver training and advice to more than 2.8 million cotton farmers and their communities in 22 countries.

Who are Better Cotton Programme Partners and what do they do?

Our Programme Partners come from a variety of backgrounds. They can be not-for-profit organisations, government bodies, private companies or even private sector foundations. What they have in common is proven expertise and deep experience in helping farming communities develop the skills and knowledge they need to raise yields sustainably – helping them to protect and restore the environment, while improving their livelihoods.

They help farmers understand the core principles of the Better Cotton Standard in a way that’s relevant to their own culture and customs.

Through dedicated training and practical hands-on demonstrations, they help cotton farmers address specific sustainability challenges – from drought in Australia to pest pressure in Brazil to gender inequality in Pakistan – and continuously improve their performance.

Programme Partners also monitor Better Cotton Farmers’ progress, collecting the data that tells us whether Better Cotton is making a positive impact on the environment and the lives of farmers and farming communities.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our Programme Partners have also provided help and support to farmers navigating the crisis.

We invest in strengthening our partners’ ability to deliver effective training so we can be sure that farmers and farming communities receive the best possible support. Together, we are raising the quality of farmer training, sharing knowledge between countries and helping to maximise positive change in the field. In this way, we can also work towards the same quality and consistency in all the countries where Better Cotton is grown.

Meet Better Cotton’s Programme Partners

Learn more about our Programme Partners’ work

Programme Partners help farmers and farming communities in multiple ways – from innovative practices to protect plant and animal life on their farms to delivering practical advice straight to their smartphones, helping them build farming co-operatives and implementing water efficient irrigation technology. Learn more below.

Celebrating and Sharing Field Level Innovations

Better Cotton Partners Recognised for Innovative Biodiversity Management

If you’re an existing Programme Partner and you would like more information on the latest support and training available for your team, please get in touch with your Better Cotton representative.

Become a Programme Partner

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Better Cotton Programme Partner, please contact the Better Cotton programme team below.