The Supplier Training Programme (STP) is a series of regular voluntary training sessions for Better Cotton Suppliers.

By attending the Supplier Training Programme, organisations will gain the technical knowledge to start sourcing Better Cotton, including:

  • Better Cotton Chain of Custody requirements
  • Understanding mass-balance administration
  • Using the online Better Cotton Platform (documentation and reporting requirements)
  • Understanding the changes and new opportunities introduced by Better Cotton’s traceability solution

Supplier training FAQ

The Supplier Training Programme (STP) is designed to help suppliers better understand Better Cotton’s mission and learn about the Better Cotton Chain of Custody, the Better Cotton Platform and the Better Cotton’s traceability solution.

Even though the STP sessions are not mandatory, all suppliers sourcing Better Cotton and organisations who are new to the world of Better Cotton are encouraged to attend, as well as those companies who are interested in joining Better Cotton in the future. End-product manufacturers, fabric mills and spinners are ideal candidates.

STPs are held via online webinars. These webinars last for around 1.5 hours, including a Q&A session. The webinars are delivered on a monthly basis and held in English, Turkish, Portuguese, Hindi and Mandarin.

The sessions focus on different training content:

  • Welcome to Better Cotton: Introduction to Mass Balance & Better Cotton Platform 
  • Get Ready for Traceability: Chain of Custody Standard & Onboarding Process  
  • Get Ready for Traceability: How to Enter Physical Transactions in the Better Cotton Platform 

If you are new to Better Cotton, we encourage you to join the ‘Welcome to Better Cotton: Introduction to Mass Balance & Better Cotton Platform’ session. For existing Better Cotton Suppliers interested in Traceability, we encourage you to join the ‘Get ready for Traceability’ webinars. 

 All STPs for 2023 have been added to our events calendar on our website. Please click here to view the events and register. 

The person responsible for implementing Chain of Custody and/or using the Better Cotton Platform should join these trainings but the sessions are open for all interested staff members. However, it is essential that the right staff from your company are trained. You may join as many times as you wish.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Click here to find the list of all upcoming webinars
  • Once you find the one you would like to attend click on the “click here to register” button
  • Enter the required information and click on the “register” button
  • After your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to join the webinar. Please save these details to your personal calendar.
  • When the training webinar date and time arrives, please use the link provided to access the webinar.
  • After you click the link you may see the following message “The meeting will begin when the organiser arrives”, please wait until the organiser starts to broadcast.

*You may be prompted to download an application called CiscoWebex, please go ahead, it is a safe software.

Our system can hold up to 500 attendees and there is no limitation on the number of people who can join from the same company.