Partners Sustainability

In Sakrand, a town in the Sindh province of Pakistan, BCI’s Implementing Partner, Cotton Connect, is working with local partner Sustainable Agriculture and Friendly Environment (SAFE), to implement better cotton farming practices, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when applying pesticides.

BCI Farmer Ghounhwar Khan Bhutto lives in a village near Sakrand. He is a smallholder and has been cultivating his land for the past 15 years. He became a licensed BCI Farmer in the 2016-17 season and has already seen some benefits.

Before learning about the Better Cotton Standard System, he had little knowledge of using PPE when applying pesticides to his cotton crop and would expose himself and his workers to unnecessary risks when applying chemicals. He was also unsure of how to optimise the timing and quantity of pesticide applications, leading to poor crop yields.

Since joining the BCI Programme and becoming a licensed BCI Farmer he has developed a much stronger knowledge of safe and timely pesticide applications. He also understands the value of using PPE. Ghounhwar Khan Bhutto regularly participates in training sessions organised by BCI field staff and he believes his quality of farming and health have improved.

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