2015-16 Harvest Reports

Click on a highlighted country to access the latest Better Cotton harvest results. The map is updated frequently as harvest results are finalised, therefore if the country you’re looking for is not yet visible, it means the results are still being finalised. Find Harvest Reports from previous years and learn more about BCI results here.

Latest Harvest Report: Brazil
Previously released Harvest Reports: Israel, Mozambique, Turkey, Australia

Brazil (2015)

189 BCI Farmers
556,000 Better Cotton hectares
762,000 Better Cotton MT lint

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Israel (2015)

91 BCI Farmers
10,000 Better Cotton hectares
19,000 Better Cotton MT lint

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Mozambique (2015)

78,912 BCI Farmers
63,000 Better Cotton hectares
8,000 Better Cotton MT lint

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Turkey (2015)

441 BCI Farmers
13,000 Better Cotton hectares
23,000 Better Cotton MT lint

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Australia (2015)

19 BCI Farmers
12,000 Better Cotton hectares
32,000 Better Cotton MT lint

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