Supplier Training Programme

What is the STP?

STP is a one-day training designed to help Retailer & Brand Members jump-start a new Better Cotton sourcing programme or expand an existing one.

Who should attend?

Suppliers sourcing Better Cotton who are new to the world of BCI are encouraged to attend. End product manufacturers, fabric mills, and spinners are ideal candidates.

In which countries are the trainings conducted?

BCI is offering Supplier Training Programmes in the following countries: China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. Countries not listed are not currently eligible for a BCI STP training.

Where are the trainings held?

Securing a venue for the training is the responsibility of the hosting BCI Member. Depending on the number of suppliers you will invite to your training, this could be a space within your office or an outside venue.

What is the agenda of a STP?

You can download the agenda of a standard STP here.

What is the purpose of the programme?

STP has a number of desired outcomes that will benefit both BCI Retailer & Brand Members and their suppliers.

Suppliers Benefits

Gaining technical knowledge to start sourcing Better Cotton including:

  • BCI’s Chain of Custody requirements
  • Mass-balance system and how it can be used to your advantage
  • How to use BCI’s traceability system

Retailer & Brand Benefits

Engaging suppliers in a small group setting to:

  • Inform suppliers of your increasing Better Cotton volume targets
  • Motivate suppliers to get involved and become BCI champions
  • Gauge suppliers’ interest and ability to reach your Better Cotton targets
  • Work with suppliers to cement volume targets

What does BCI expect from Retailer & Brand Members?

BCI has several expectations from Members organising a STP:

  1. Contact suppliers and invite them to the STP.
  2. Gather suppliers in a designated venue.
  3. Own the day–be proactive in identifying potential road blocks for your sourcing programme and find solutions together with your suppliers. This is a great opportunity for supplier on-boarding.

Here is How it Works:

STEP 1: Download the training schedule and select a date that best suits you and your suppliers and inform your BCI contact. BCI should be notified one month prior to the STP date for trainings in Bangladesh and two weeks prior to trainings in India, Pakistan and China. THE 2018 TRAINING SCHEDULE WILL BE UPLOADED SHORTLY.

BCI respectfully requests members to limit STP bookings to one training per country in the calendar year. Dates are booked by BCI members on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check the online schedule often, as availability will be updated regularly.

STEP 2: Download the Supplier Questionnaire and forward it to all attendees. The questionnaire must be filled out by your suppliers and returned to your account manager two weeks prior to the training date.


How many suppliers can attend a single training?

As many suppliers as possible within your Better Cotton Sourcing Programme can attend the training. The types of suppliers that should be included are spinners, fabric mills, garment manufacturers and agents.

Is the number of attendees per supplier limited?

Since the venue will be provided by your company, you should decide how many attendees per supplier you’d like to invite to your STP. BCI strongly suggests that at a minimum, the raw material purchaser (raw cotton, yarn, or fabric buyer) and a sales person from your supplier should be present at the training.

What is the suggested maximum number of attendees per STP?

There is no suggested maximum number of attendees per STP. The more suppliers you can reach at the same STP, the more efficiently your programme can progress.

Who should attend the STP representing my suppliers?

The purchasing manager for raw materials and your supplier account manager  should be present at the training. Please remember that it is your suppliers who will do the procurement of Better Cotton-related raw materials and pass you the BCCUs accordingly as you place orders. Therefore, it is essential that the right staff from your suppliers are trained at your STP.

Can I have a half-day STP?

Cutting the agenda of a full-day STP by half would compromise the effectiveness of this training programme. A half-day STP is possible but not advised.

Can I customise the agenda for my STP?

BCI provides a suggested standardised agenda for your STP. This agenda is based on training your suppliers who have never sourced Better Cotton-related raw materials. The agenda includes all the basic information a supplier needs to know before sourcing Better Cotton and transferring BCCUs to your online account. However, for advanced suppliers, the agenda can be customised.

Can BCI help me bring in an experienced brand to present at my STP?

Depending on the availability of an experienced brand or retailer’s representative in the country where you will hold your STP, BCI might be able to help with this. Please kindly indicate if this is of interest to you when you turn in your documents for your STP to BCI.