Funding Partners

BCI Funding Partners are organisations that fund BCI’s organisational activities, and/or Better Cotton projects in the field at farm level. But BCI Funding Partners are more than just financial supporters; they offer BCI valuable advice and guidance along the way. They are truly partners in everything we achieve and we are proud that they are part of the Better Cotton journey. Becoming a BCI Funding Partner means that you are part of this story and can make Better Cotton a reality.

Investments, financial contributions and in-kind support can be made in two ways. The two options are referred to below as elements of a ‘dual-track’ delivery approach to reach Better Cotton targets for 2015 and 2020. The business and operating model for Better Cotton is based on dual track delivery, which means that the infrastructure and support systems provided globally by BCI are refined and further developed at the same time as expansion at farm-level is moving forward.

Track 1 – Global: Supporting the organisational and infrastructure development of the Better Cotton Initiative – the global entity responsible for the credibility and promotion of the Better Cotton Standard System.

This funding includes the development of support systems and management of the standard as a whole, whereby the Better Cotton Initiative acts as the steward of the Better Cotton Standard System and is responsible for ensuring it is credible, accessible, delivers significant impact and reaches mainstream scale. Income to fund this track is sought until 2020 only, by which point BCI aim to be financially self-sufficient.

Track 2 – Farm: Supporting farm-level activities focused on capacity building for farmers across the world. These activities are typically carried out by expert organisations operating via partnership agreements with BCI (known as BCI Implementing Partners and Strategic Partners). These organisations can include mid-stream supply chain actors, civil society groups or national bodies.

This type of funding is characterised by shared ownership with a focus on farm-level implementation, funding and management. BCI actively works to engage partners who are able to implement the Standard at farm-level and take the lead on embedding strategies nationally to grow Better Cotton in specific countries. While farm-level funding sits outside BCI’s organisational budget, it is included in the wider Better Cotton business and operating model and financial projections.

To discuss funding opportunities in more detail, please get in touch with us via our contact form.