Supply Chain

logo_supima_lgBCI and Supima, the promotional organisation of the American Pima cotton growers, today announced the availability of 4,800 MT of BCI-licensed Supima cotton.

The first Supima Better Cotton was grown by six prominent pima growers from California, Texas and New Mexico who met Better Cotton licensing requirements as part of BCI’s 2014 US pilot project.

BCI USA Country Manager, Scott Exo, said”Supima has been a fantastic ally in our first year of the US pilot project and, with them, we look forward to expanding the availability of Supima Better Cotton in 2015 and beyond.”

Founded in 1954, Supima promotes American Pima cotton around the world, and is a major sponsor of research programs to improve the quality of American Pima. Supima also works closely with cotton industry organizations and government agencies to ensure a fair and viable marketing environment for American Pima cotton growers.

Those interested in purchasing Supima Better Cotton should contact Supima Executive VP Marc Lewkowitz at[email protected].

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