The earth beneath our feet is a complex and living system. Just one teaspoon of healthy soil can contain more microorganisms than the total number of people on the planet.

Healthy soil is the starting point for farm productivity and sustainability. Without it, we could neither grow cotton nor support our growing global population. However, it is also often the most neglected and under-appreciated resource in farming.

On #EarthDay2022, we are focusing on soil health and the inspiring work that is happening on the ground to improve soil health in cotton farming.

What is soil health and why does it matter?

Learn more from our soil health experts

Farmer insights

Sabari Jagan Valvi joined the Better Cotton and Lupin Human Welfare And Research Foundation programme in India three years ago.

By adopting more sustainable farming practices such as intercropping and using vermicompost and neem extract, Sabari has witnessed an improvement in soil health on her farm and has managed to reduce her costs.

“This year I have sown cotton over two acres following the practices promoted by Better Cotton. Through single seed sowing and seed treatment, I managed to save 50% of the cost of sowing this season.” – Sabari Jagan Valvi, Better Cotton Farmer.

Join the discussion

At this year’s Better Cotton Conference – taking place in Malmö, Sweden and online on 22-23 June – we’ll be joined by partners and members to explore how regenerative agriculture can help to tackle climate change and much more.

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