Please use the links below to read research conducted by both BCI and external parties exploring the potential and real impact of Better Cotton as support continues to grow worldwide. While these reports show that Better Cotton is linked to positive change, BCI will be carrying out further studies in the future as more and more quantitative and qualitative data is collected each year, to evidence of the real impact of Better Cotton.

  • Summary of the Evaluation of Outcomes in Pakistan. Analysis conducted to identify outcome level deliverables as a result of BCI facilitation in Bahawalpur and Sanghar districts, Pakistan. Developed by APP, 2016.
  • Briefing Paper: Copenhagen Business School Research. Considerations for scaling impact identified from research into BCI implementation in India and Pakistan. This information is taken from a piece written for the BCI 2018 Global Cotton Conference.
  • Demonstrating and Improving Poverty Impacts (DIPI): Baseline Report (April 2016) for three-year theory-based Impact Evaluation, including a combination of randomised control trial and qualitative inquiry that will look to demonstrate the contribution that voluntary standard systems can make to poverty alleviation and pro-poor development. The study, commissioned by ISEAL and financed by the Ford Foundation, focuses on a BCI project in Andra Pradesh, India and is taking place along with two other evaluations of standard systems.