Better Cotton’s membership network spans the entire cotton sector and beyond, and we work with organisations all the way from farm to fashion. In the first half of 2022, we were delighted to welcome 192 new members from 31 countries to Better Cotton. New members include 44 retailers and brands, 146 suppliers and manufacturers and two civil society organisations.  

The latest civil society organisations to join Better Cotton are the Development Agency for Poor and Tribal Awakening (DAPTA), and the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), both based in India.  

At DAPTA, we provide cotton farmers with technical support and encourage them to use more sustainable farming practices to support not only healthy farmers, but also healthy farming families and environments. Our objective is to enhance farmers’ income and increase the resilience of farming families, which aligns closely with the Better Cotton mission. We look forward to partnering with Better Cotton and working together to improve conditions for cotton farmers in India.

We are pleased to become members of Better Cotton as we strive to meet our ambitious goals in supporting cotton farmers and farming communities. In the coming years, we seek to showcase models for better soil, water and pest management, as well as engage farming communities in planning for long-term water sustainability. We also want to achieve a steady and sustainable increase in farmers’ incomes through a package of better practices that are beneficial for farmers and the environment. Through our efforts, we hope to open a window to the international cotton market for smallholder farmers.

Joining Better Cotton offers civil society organisations the opportunity to play a decisive role in securing a more sustainable future for global cotton production. Many of our Civil Society Members are also Programme Partners, working directly with farmers and farming communities to build their capacity to adopt more sustainable practices. Together, we work to scale innovations to help transform farming systems and the sector for good. 

Collaboration and joined up action are key to driving change at scale. At Better Cotton, we welcome any civil society organisation serving the common good and with an interest in the cotton sector to join our initiative and contribute to our journey towards sustainable cotton.

Other new members who joined Better Cotton in the first half of 2022 include Officeworks, Silentnight, JCPenney, Oliver Bonas, and Macy’s Merchandising Group. 

Visit our membership page to learn more about Better Cotton membership, or get in touch with us at [email protected].  

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