We are proud to announce that the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has reached 600 members.

For five years, BCI has worked with all actors throughout the supply chain, working together towards the mission: to make Better Cotton a mainstream commodity. BCI was founded on the premise that this sector collaboration would be essential to achieving true, global transformation. Growing to 600 members marks a “tipping point’ for BCI in which achieving this transformation is possible. All sections of the supply chain are represented in membership, from producer organisations to retailers and brands.

44 retailer and brand members have played a key role in this journey so far – investing in farmer capacity building and driving supplier engagement. They remain committed to the uptake of Better Cotton and helping to build a more transparent and trustworthy cotton supply chain.

BCI has experienced a remarkable growth in membership over the last few years and are well on track to achieve the target of 700 members in 2015, making this the fifth consecutive year with an increase of 50% or more of new members. The recruitment rate continues to progress at an average rate of 25 new companies per month.

New members to have recently signed up includeG-Star RAW C.V., Thomas Pink Ltd., HEMA B.V and Cone Denim – the first US based Fabric mill to join BCI, supplying BCI Pioneer Member Levi Strauss with Better Cotton for their ranges.

“The BCI membership demonstrates the power of collaboration. 600 actors from a globally spread and complex supply chain uniting behind a common vision is truly unique and inspiring. Together we can definitely achieve our goal of 30% of cotton production as Better Cotton by 2020,’ said Ruchira Joshi, Programme Director for Demand.

Being a member of BCI means supporting the BCI mission as part of your organisation’s involvement in cotton and committing to improving cotton production through both your own actions and through direct financial investments. To find out more about our membership offer,Click Here,or for enquiries, contact our membership team by e-mailing:[email protected].

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