Membership Offer

BCI is a multi-stakeholder initiative and we encourage participation from all interested stakeholders in the cotton supply chain. We offer membership for each link in the cotton supply chain, with associated fees and benefits for each of these five membership categories.


Civil Society: any not-for-profit organisation which serves the public interest and common good related to the cotton supply chain.

Producer Organisations: any organisation that works with or represents cotton producers, i.e. cotton farmers and farm workers.
Farmers are never required to become BCI Members and pay fees, they can simply become a licensed BCI Farmer. Click here to find the farmer licensing details per country.

Suppliers and Manufacturers: any commercial organisation within the cotton supply chain beyond the farm gate and before retail, from buying, selling, and financing to processing. This includes Ginners, Spinners, Mills, Cut and Sew and Cotton Traders.

Retailers and Brands: any consumer facing commercial organisation, including Apparel, Home, Travel & Leisure.

Associate Membership: organisations that do not fit into any of these categories but have an invested interest in supporting Better Cotton.

Overall Benefits of BCI Membership

1. Lead in sustainability pertaining to cotton:

  • Create more impact on environmental and social issues collectively, and in multi-stakeholder dialogue.

2. Manage Reputational Risks:

  • Support better environmental practices.
  • Support better livelihoods and working conditions for farmers and farm workers.
  • Become part of a global initiative to secure a more sustainable future for the cotton sector.

3. Access Global Supply:

  • Procure Better Cotton from diverse global regions, already accounting for 14% of total global cotton production (as of the 2016-17 cotton season).

4. Make Credible Claims:

  • Access the Better Cotton Platform to report your sourcing as Better Cotton and make verifiable claims on and off product.
  • Access project data and compelling real-life stories from farmers for your communications and marketing initiatives.


Membership Options for the Supply Chain



More information about membership commitments:

Click here for the list of current BCI Members.