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Today, the Better Cotton Initiative is releasing a newly revised version of the Better Cotton Claims Framework. The updated Framework includes key changes that allow members to communicate about their sustainability efforts in a clear and compelling way, while at the same time, ensuring that the information is accurate and credible. The latest version includes a new type of sustainability claim for eligible Retailer and Brand Members. By linking farm-level results to contributions made by members through their sourcing of Better Cotton, impact claims demonstrate a member’s contribution to BCI’s global outcomes in relation to water, pesticides and profitability. Find out more about the new type of sustainability claim.

The Better Cotton Claims Framework is one of six components of the Better Cotton Standard System and equips members to make credible and positive claims about Better Cotton. The Framework is an important tool that supports BCI’s efforts to drive demand by building market awareness of the production of Better Cotton in partnership with BCI Members. We recognise that the need for members to communicate about sustainability is growing and evolving and that the Framework must evolve in parallel with growing market and consumer demands. We must also give members the guidance they need to report on their achievements in a way that is credible and transparent.

In addition to new impact claims, the BCI on-product mark – one-way Retailer and Brand Members can communicate directly to their customers – now references mass balance directly in the required BCI logo, and customers must be able to easily access information explaining that Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products. It is important that customers wanting to know more about a member’s sustainability claims and about BCI should have access to more detailed information.

115 Retailer and Brand Members are currently communicating with their customers about Better Cotton, 76 of whom have set public targets to source a percentage of their cotton more sustainably, a requirement to use the on-product mark. We are encouraged by the contributions members are making to the sustainable future of cotton, and through the revised Better Cotton Claims Framework, BCI looks forward to the powerful ways members will share their efforts with customers and continue to build market awareness.

Access the Better Cotton Claims Framework V2.0.

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