Better Cotton Claims Framework

The Better Cotton Claims Framework makes it simple for BCI Members to make credible and positive claims about Better Cotton, and allows flexibility in how to communicate about your commitment.

Many other communications resources are available, such as quotes, images, Stories from the Field and promotional artworks. By combining claims in the framework with these other resources, a member can articulate a compelling story which is meaningful to them and their customers.

Always refer to the Better Cotton Claims Framework to ensure that the context in which you want to use a claim is not in breach of your agreed conduct as a BCI Member. Use of the Claims Framework is governed by the BCI Code of Practice, BCI Terms of Membership, and BCI Monitoring Protocol.

Download a printable PDF of the Better Cotton Claims Framework here.

Claims Framework Review

A consultation will take place, opening the Better Cotton Claims Framework V1.1 up to review, in January 2019. The scope of the review is limited to claims available to BCI Retailer and Brand Members, although all of BCI’s stakeholders are welcome to participate in the consultation process by offering feedback on the existing Claims Framework via a questionnaire. A request for feedback has been sent to all Members.

Learn more about the review process and participate in the consultation here.