VF Sustainability Report and Better Cotton video released

Better Cotton Fast Track Program member VF recently released their comprehensive online Sustainability Report, citing their commitment to Better Cotton in Eric Wiseman’s (CEO) opening address. Click here to read about their commitment to more responsible cotton production, and view VF’s newly released video on our Vimeo channel featuring BCI China Country Manager, Sherry Wu:vimeo.com/bettercotton

VF annually purchases about 1 percent of the world’s cotton, which requires land roughly 32 times the size of Manhattan Island, New York, to fill their orders. Their commitment to BCI means that the cotton farmers who cultivate some of that land learn how to grow cotton in a way that cares for the environment, according to the BCI Production Principles.

Brad van Voorhees (VF Supply Chain Sustainability) says: “VF has aligned with the Better Cotton Initiative as we believe it is the best solution to address the environmental and social issues associated with the production of one of our most important raw materials.”

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WWF Pakistan release Better Cotton Documentary

In October 2013, WWF commissioned a photographer and film crew to capture some stunning video and photos of the cotton workers and producers of Pakistan. Their voices tell the story of how BCI and WWF have together helped them to change the way they work with cotton, and ultimately how this has improved their lives. WWF have released this short documentary ‘Better Cotton: from farmers to retailers’, which is now available on their blog with accompanying article and insightful report by clicking here.

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