Better Cotton Fast Track Program Release Annual Report

”Better Cotton Fast Track Program” (BCFTP) was founded in 2009-10 by a group of leading private and public organizations, convened by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative. Through a demand-driven strategy based upon the financial commitment of leading retailers and brands and match-funded by a group of public funders the Program invests in farmer capacity building projects across the globe. In 2013, the Fast Track Fund supported over 30 farm level projects in six countries, reaching out over 200,000 farmers who have produced almost 750,000 metric tons of Better Cotton.

For more information on the progress of BCFTP in its 4th year, we are pleased to share the Better Cotton Fast Track Program End Year Report 2013 – “Mainstreaming the Midstream’.

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Better Cotton Annual and Harvest Reports. A new process.

In September 2013 we published our very first Harvest report. We wanted to simplify how we communicate, focusing on the harvests rather than the growing seasons. As of 2014 , we will be breaking this document down further, dividing our reporting into an Annual Report for 2013 – to be published in March/April – and our Harvest Report (containing the data from the field,) – to be published in September.

We’re really proud of everything we achieved in 2012. If you wish to read more about it, you can go to our Annual Reports page by clicking here.


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Better Cotton sets 2020 growth target

15.07.13 Just-Style

Better Cotton will account for 30% of global cotton production by 2020, according to a new target set by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
The long-term aim is part of the BCI’s strategy for the 2013-15 period, following a review of the scheme’s 2010-12 implementation phase.

”Having established the Better Cotton Standard System through harvests in a number of regions, and with a growing demand for Better Cotton fibre, Better Cotton production is now expanding at scale as it sets about the task of sustainable market transformation with global impact,” said the BCI.

It pledged to rapidly expand capacity and leverage supply chain demand for Better Cotton in 2013-15, with the long-term aim of transforming cotton production worldwide through the establishment of Better Cotton as a sustainable, mainstream commodity.

The BCI’s expansion strategy has three main strands: expanding Better Cotton capacity, establishing mainstream recognition and ensuring financial resilience. The strategy launch would coincide with the adaptation of systems and processes to allow expansion ”at speed and at scale”, the BCI said.

The BCI focuses on improving ecological, social and economic conditions in the global cotton industry.

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