Better Cotton joins the ICA (International Cotton Association)

We are proud to announce that our application to become BCI Affiliated Association Members of the International Cotton Association (ICA) has been approved, publicly reinforcing our commitment to work towards a better future for the industry.

Established in 1841, the ICA is the world’s largest international cotton trade association and arbitral body, protecting and promoting the global cotton trade. Their mission is to protect the legitimate interests of all those who trade cotton, whether buyer or seller. Becoming a member of the ICA means being part of a community that “shares best practice and aims to drive industry standards’. Read more about the ICA’s work on their website.

BCI CEO Patrick Laine says: ”We are delighted with our official association with the ICA. BCI learned long ago that companies who respect contract sanctity are also more likely to respect their environmental and social commitments as well. Part of BCI’s mission is to assist in improving the well-being of the entire cotton industry, and membership in the ICA is entirely consistent with this important objective.”

Jordan Lea, ICA President says: ”One of our primary goals at the ICA is to expand what is known as our “safe trading environment’. BCI’s mission and track record speak for themselves as they and their members strive for sustainability as well as corporate and environmental responsibility. Our organisations share similar ideals and visions for a safe and stable future for all of the cotton industry and we are very pleased to have BCI on board. We look forward to a fruitful and meaningful relationship and appreciate BCI’s help and support in promoting the ICA. They are a great addition to our membership base.”

To read the ICA announcement, click here.

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IPUD, Better Cotton Partner in Turkey, join the ICA

BCI’s Strategic Partner in Turkey, the Good Cotton Practices Association (IPUD), has become a member of the International Cotton Association (ICA). The ICA are the world’s leading international cotton trade association and arbitral body. IPUD’s membership will work to strengthen the ICA’s reach in it’s mission of “protecting the legitimate interests of all those who trade cotton, whether buyer or seller.’

Established in 2013, IPUD is the organisation responsible for the implementation of Better Cotton Standard System and the production of Better Cotton in Turkey. IPUD is also focused on creating Better Cotton supply and demand in Turkey and along with its diverse membership base – which includes farmers, ginners, agricultural sales unions, manufacturers, civil society organisations and other industry actors -works across the sectorto transform Turkish cotton into a sustainable mainstream commodity.

Corin Wood-Jones, BCI Partnership Manager says: ”Having recently taken up a position on the Board of the ICA, it gives BCI great pride to see one of our Strategic Partners embrace the ICA’s values of promotingfair trading practices. Sincebeing established, IPUD has continued to go from strength to strength, and this alliance will help to further ensure that the Better Cotton from Turkey flows through the supply chain within a safe and transparent trading environment.”

In 2013, 280 BCI Farmers cultivated the first Better Cotton to be produced in Turkey, between them producing 13,000 metric tonnes of Better Cotton.

To read more about Better Cotton in Turkey, click here. For ICA’s own announcement about IPUD membership, click here

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