Pioneer Members unveil ethical ranges

BCI Pioneer Members continue to generate exciting publicity around their commitments to more sustainable cotton. Their messages highlight the importance of improving cotton production worldwide while naming BCI as a key component of their sustainability portfolios. BCI’s Pioneer Members include some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers, and their campaigns help to raise the profile of BCI both among consumers and throughout the supply chain. Recent initiatives by Marks & Spencer and Levi Strauss & Co. featuring Better Cotton have prompted conversations about the role of sustainability in fashion.

Marks & Spencer has teamed with eco-activist, Livia Firth, to produce 25 pieces of sustainable clothing featuring responsibly sourced wool, leather and suede from eco-tanneries. The ”Livia Firth Edit” complements Marks & Spencer’s Plan A, a programme aimed at responsible sourcing, reducing waste and helping communities, and it’s support of the Better Cotton Initiative.

Levi Strauss & Co. announced the launch of its Wellthread Collection, which features 100% recyclable clothing made with less water and with special care for factory workers. From farm to factory, Levi Strauss & Co. strives to produce clothing that’s better for people and the planet. Sourcing responsible raw materials, like Better Cotton, is one way Levi Strauss & Co. promotes more sustainable practices.

In addition to the ranges released by M&S and Levi Strauss & Co., other BCI Pioneer Members have showcased their support of BCI across media channels in 2015. BCI featured in a blog post by adidas and a spread in IKEA’s 2015 catalogue. Together with Cotton Australia, Nike funded a video highlighting the business case for Better Cotton, and H&M produced a video featuring Better Cotton as one of its ”Conscious materials.”

BCI is proud to provide strategic marketing support to its members, allowing them to bring positive messages about cotton and sustainability to their customers.


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Better Cotton and USFIA Collaborate to Promote Responsible Cotton Sourcing

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) announce that they will collaborate to promote responsible cotton sourcing. As of today, BCI is an Associate Member of USFIA, and USFIA is a member of BCI.

USFIA represents the fashion industry, including textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers and wholesalers, based in the United States and doing business globally.

The Better Cotton Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation working with a multi-stakeholder group of organisations to support responsible cotton production worldwide.

”USFIA is thrilled to partner with BCI,” says Julia K. Hughes, President of USFIA. ”Our members, which include iconic global brands and major retailers, are committed to responsible sourcing at all levels in the supply chain. By collaborating with and learning from BCI, our members will be able to enhance that commitment from literally the ground up.”

The partnership allows BCI and USFIA to mutually benefit from each other’s expertise. BCI will provide information about supporting responsibly grown cotton to USFIA members. In turn, USFIA can support BCI members in navigating the complex sourcing issues in the United States and around the globe. Through publications, educational events and networking opportunities, USFIA will enable BCI to connect with key stakeholders across the value chain, including US and international service providers, suppliers and industry groups.

”As BCI continues to expand in the US, we’re excited to join a reputable organisation like USFIA. In such a rapidly changing industry, we look forward to exploring how this partnership can enable the supply chain of the future,” says Daren Abney, Membership Engagement Manager at BCI.

To find out more about BCI and USFIA, visit their websites.

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