Better Cotton Launches 2021 Annual Report

We are delighted to launch the Better Cotton 2021 Annual Report which highlights key updates, successes and challenges from the past year and cotton season. 

In the report, we share that:

  • In the 2020-21 cotton season, the Better Cotton programme reached more than 2.9 million cotton farmers in 26 countries.
  • 2.2 million licensed farmers in 24 countries grew 4.7 million tonnes of Better Cotton – this accounted for 20% of global cotton production.
  • In 2021, Better Cotton’s membership base surpassed 2,400 members in 63 countries.
  • Retailer and Brand Members sourced 2.5 million tonnes of Better Cotton – accounting for 10% of global cotton production. 

We can all agree that 2021 was a challenging year, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and growing climate and biodiversity challenges. However, we remained steadfast in our commitment and purpose to promote more sustainable cotton production. Of the year’s many highlights, I’m proud to share that the Better Cotton programme continued to grow and deliver impact where it mattered most, and as of 2021, we can say that Better Cotton is mainstream – representing more than 20% of global cotton production.

Alan McClay, CEO, Better Cotton

In the report, we dive into the launch of our ambitious 2030 Strategy, our rebrand, Better Cotton’s financials and governance, and key focus areas and priorities for Better Cotton in 2021, sharing the developments we’ve made so far and plans to 2030.

Taking Climate Action

As well as agriculture having a role to play in reducing emissions, it also has the potential to store large quantities of atmospheric carbon in the soil. ​In 2021, we launched our climate mitigation target: by 2030, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of Better Cotton produced by 50% (compared to 2017 baseline). 

Developing a Traceability Solution 

We’ve developed a comprehensive four-year activity plan and detailed budget for introducing traceability into the Better Cotton network. Our top priority is to find ways to make this work in a way that delivers what consumers want in terms of traceability and what farmers need to achieve a thriving market.​

Focus on Farmer Centricity 

Without farmers, there would be no Better Cotton. In 2021, we invested time and resources into research to better understand what farmers need and want, whether Better Cotton is delivering on this, and how we can further improve our offering for farmers and their communities.  ​

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We will share the Annual Report results and more with attendees at the Better Cotton Conference, taking place on 22 & 23 June. Get your tickets here.

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Better Cotton 2017 Annual Report Reveals Better Cotton Accounts for 14% of Global Cotton Production

Launched last week at the BCI Global Cotton Conference in Brussels, the BCI 2017 Annual Report reveals thatBetter Cotton now accounts for 14% of global cotton production, a 2% increase on 2016.

The Annual Report celebrates the achievements of BCI Farmers, partners, members and stakeholders from around the world, as we strive together to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

In the 2016-2017 cotton season, 1.3 million licensed BCI Farmers in 21 countries produced 3.3 million metric tonnes of Better Cotton lint, enabling a record-level of more sustainably produced cotton to enter the global supply chain.

Annual Report highlights:

  • Take a tour around the globe and meet three people at the heart of more sustainable cotton production. From challenging gender inequality to implementing innovative sustainable farming practices, experience cotton production from the perspectives of BCI Farmers and Implementing Partners in Mozambique, Pakistan and China.
  • Learn about BCI’s global reach in the Global Harvest Report section, which provides global and country-level figures, plus updates on the Better Cotton Standard System.
  • Hear first-hand from BCI Partners and Members’ – Alliance for Water Stewardship, GAP Inc. and Spectrum International – as they speak about their involvement in the “Stakeholder Q&A’s and Podcasts’ feature.
  • Understand the BCI funding model and investment mechanisms, as highlighted in the “Better Cotton Growth and Innovation Fund’ and “Financial Footprint’ sections of the report.

Explore the complete BCI 2017 Annual Report on the interactive report microsite. A PDF version is available for download.

Thank you to all of our committed stakeholders, who, by supporting and participating in BCI, are developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity and driving change.

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Better Cotton releases web-based annual report with interactive features

We are excited to announce the launch of our web-based annual report. The BCI 2015 Annual Report provides the latest updates on global numbers, membership and partnership activities, reviews of organizational progress, and our financial statements. We have also integrated interactive and multimedia content to present 2015 accomplishments in an engaging manner.

Key achievements from 2015 include:

» Farmers produced Better Cotton in 21 countries on five continents.

» BCI reached 1.6 million farmers worldwide, a 23% increase from 2014.

» Licensed BCI farmers produced 2.6 million MT of Better Cotton, up 34% from the previous year.

» Membership and retailer procurement grew by 50% and 115%, respectively.

» We launched a formal review of our standard system to ensure it remains relevant, consistent and accessible.

» BCI and our partners invested almost €12 million through the Better Cotton Fast Track Program (BCFTP), supporting 70 farm projects across eight countries.

The report also includes the following dynamic features:

» A video summarising 2015 highlights.

» Two interactive maps that illustrate Better Cotton country highlights and global reach figures.

» Dynamic graphs detailing membership and procurement growth as well as financial information.

”We thank our partners, funders, members and BCI staff for having played such a crucial role in achieving our goals this year and positioning us to make Better Cotton a responsible mainstream commodity by 2020,’ commented Paola Geremicca, Director of Communications and Fundraising.

BCI will continue to report harvest data through our 2015 Harvest Report that is released on a rolling basis throughout the year when harvest results for each country have been finalised.

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Better Cotton 2014 Annual Report Released

We are pleased to announce the publication of the BCI 2014 Annual Report. This is the first of two reporting stages in 2014, in which you will find the latest updates on global numbers, membership and partnership activities, reviews of our organisational progress, and our financial statements.

Highlights include:

» The total number of farmers licensed to produce Better Cotton was 1.2 million – a 65% increase on 2013.

» 8.7% of global cotton production (or 2.3 million Metric Tonnes of lint) was grown to the Better Cotton Standard in 20 countries.

» We brought on more new members than our target, with 468 Members contributing the success of BCI – almost a 50% increase on 2013.

» A “Demand Strategy’ was launched, aiming to recruit more Retailer and Brand Members creating increased demand for Better Cotton throughout the supply chain.

» We became a member of the ISEAL Alliance.

We’re really proud of our progress to date in 2014. There will be more to report when we release the BCI 2014 Harvest Report (containing data from the field), which you can look forward to reading in September 2015.

To read the BCI 2014 Annual Report in Full, click here.

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Better Cotton Fast Track Program Release Annual Report

”Better Cotton Fast Track Program” (BCFTP) was founded in 2009-10 by a group of leading private and public organizations, convened by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative. Through a demand-driven strategy based upon the financial commitment of leading retailers and brands and match-funded by a group of public funders the Program invests in farmer capacity building projects across the globe. In 2013, the Fast Track Fund supported over 30 farm level projects in six countries, reaching out over 200,000 farmers who have produced almost 750,000 metric tons of Better Cotton.

For more information on the progress of BCFTP in its 4th year, we are pleased to share the Better Cotton Fast Track Program End Year Report 2013 – “Mainstreaming the Midstream’.

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Better Cotton 2013 Annual Report released

We are very pleased to announce we have published the BCI 2013 Annual Report. This is the first of two reporting stages in 2013, in which you will find the latest updates on global numbers, membership and partnership activities, reviews of our organisational aims, and our financial statements. Highlights from 2013:

  • 300,000 farmers in 8 countries received training on Better Cotton production principles
  • 810,000 metric tonnes of Better Cotton was licensed
  • The number of BCI member organisations doubled to 313
  • A new Assurance Program was launched
  • Strategic partnerships were made with the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) program and the ABR standard in Brazil, meaning that both CmiA and ABR cotton can be sold as Better Cotton.

We’re really proud of everything we achieved so far in 2013. We’ll hopefully have a lot more to celebrate when we release our 2013 Harvest Report (containing the data from the field), in September. If you wish to read more, you can go to our Annual Reports page by clicking here.

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