In the second half of 2021, Better Cotton welcomed more than 230 new members to its network as organisations across the cotton supply chain seek to collaborate to create a more sustainable future for cotton.  

As well as working with partners around the world to provide training and support to more than 2.7 million cotton farmers, Better Cotton works with members across the cotton supply chain and beyond to ensure there is continuous demand and supply of Better Cotton.  

New members in the second half of 2021 included 34 retailers and brands, 195 suppliers and manufacturers, and two civil society organisations. Find a full list of members who joined Better Cotton in the second half of 2021 here

Joining Better Cotton was important to our organisation to meet our sustainability goals. We aim to continue to invest in innovations, solutions and actions to protect the natural resources of our world and increase local and global welfare. To this end, we are proud to support the implementation of more sustainable agriculture principles in cotton production by becoming a member of Better Cotton, the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme. We are committed to sourcing 10% of our cotton as Better Cotton this year and to sourcing 50% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2026. We see our collaboration with Better Cotton as an important step in improving the working and living conditions of farmers and their families, while protecting and restoring the environment.

The All We Wear Group and its brands (Pepe Jeans, Hackett and Façonnable) are proud to be members of Better Cotton. This global community aims to transform cotton production across the entire supply chain, and our support will help to build a better fashion future by improving the social and environmental conditions on the ground. Our goal is therefore to source at least 50% of all our brands’ cotton products as Better Cotton by 2025.

Fruit of the Loom, Inc.’s commitment to source more sustainable raw materials is one of our core strategies to reduce our carbon footprint. We joined Better Cotton to ensure all cotton we source is more sustainable. Through the initiative we are investing in more sustainable cotton farming practices. Today, we source 94% more sustainable cotton from the U.S., but we believe it is important to set goals targeting the remaining 6% from global sources. Our corporate goal is to source 100% of our cotton more sustainably by 2025 and our partnership with Better Cotton will help achieve this goal.

Better Cotton’s demand-driven funding model means that its Retailer and Brand Member sourcing of cotton as Better Cotton directly translates into increased investment in training for cotton farmers on more sustainable practices. Learn more about Better Cotton’s  mass balance chain of custody model. 

The two new Civil Society Members to join Better Cotton are UFAQ Development Organization (UDO), which focuses on fighting poverty, social injustice, and governance related issues in Pakistan, and The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC), which is committed to promoting responsible growth and competitiveness in Africa by changing the way companies do business in Africa. 

The full list of all Better Cotton Members is available online here.  

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Better Cotton Member and supporting more sustainable cotton farming practices around the globe, please visit the membership webpage, or get in touch with the Better Cotton Membership Team.

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