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Discover the events that BCI is hosting or attending, both in-person and online. Check back regularly for all event updates.

Information about BCI Field Trips can be found here. The Supplier Training Programme for BCI Members is outlined here.

January – December 2021 | Cotton Sustainability Digital Series hosted by BCI

We are delighted to be launching a new Cotton Sustainability Digital Series for 2021. Sessions and speakers originally curated for the in-person 2021 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference will now be coming to you live online, at more accessible rates and times across the entire year.

Join BCI and partners through 2021 for the monthly Cotton Sustainability Digital Series, where the entire sector will come together to shape a more sustainable future for cotton.

Connect with industry leaders and experts to explore the entire cotton value chain. Episodes will focus on topics including climate action, innovation today and social sustainability.

Register to join us online, where together, we will discover solutions for more sustainable cotton sector.

What will 2030 look like and how do we respond as brands, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens?

Join Lucy Shea, Group CEO, Futerra, for an exploration of the sustainability trends that are shaping the world around us and the fashion and textiles sector. In particular, we will look at how companies who embed sustainability have proven to be more resilient in 2020 and are building back better, becoming the businesses that our future needs. The next ten years will see the disruption of almost every industry, driven by our fast-changing world and the shifting desires of consumers, especially Gen Z. Learn more about Lucy Shea.

A 2030 Futurescape Discussion

Giorgia Roversi

Director of Sustainability and Inclusion, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
Speaker’s Page


Following her keynote address, Lucy Shea will be joined by Giorgia Roversi, Director of Sustainability and Inclussion at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP in discussion. Learn more about Giorgia Roversi.

Date: Tuesday 19 January 2021
Time: 15:00-16:00 GMT

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Future Episodes

You can look forward to hearing from a selection of brilliant speakers through the year! Upcoming episode details will be updated and added here, while further episode details will available here in the coming weeks and months. Keep checking back for new episodes.


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Note that our sponsors have generously continued their support from the originally scheduled in-person Global Cotton Sustainability Conference, which the Cotton Sustainability Digital Series was adapted from, so retain their sponsorship levels here.


Watch highlights from the 2019 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference to find what inspired our adaptation to a digital series through 2021.

Recordings from the Cotton Sustainability Digital Series may only be made available in 2022 in the Members’ Area section for Member-Only Webinars. The event platform and event app for the event will be made available as episodes are confirmed and for the full month that the episode takes place.

Member-Only Webinars | Featured Topics with Monthly Updates

BCI hosts a series of member-only webinars throughout the year, for all BCI Members. In addition to the topic highlight, each of these webinars will provide key organisational updates, such as on global production and uptake numbers.

Upcoming Webinars: Register now in Member-Only Webpage.

  • Content coming soon


Past Webinars: Watch recordings and access slides from the Member-Only Webpage. Past webinars include:

BCI News & Updates:

  • January 2021 | BCI’s 2020 in Review and What’s Next
  • October 2020 | Measuring Cotton Consumption for BCI Retailers & Brands
  • August 2020 | BCI Task Force on Forced Labour and Decent Work
  • June 2020 | BCI General Assembly

Impacts / Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • November 2020 | Upgrading BCI’s Monitoring & Evaluation System
  • October 2020 | Making Effective and Credible Sustainability Claims
  • October 2020 | Measuring and Reporting GHG Emissions with BCI’s Retailer & Brand Members
  • August 2020 | A Deeper Look at the BCI Assurance Model
  • July 2020 | Supporting BCI Farmers Through Covid-19
  • 2019 | Demonstrating the Impacts of Sourcing Better Cotton

Traceability / Chain of Custody:

  • October 2020 | BCI’s Revised Chain of Custody Guidelines

Market Focused: 

  • October & November 2020 | BCI India Webinar Series: Market Dynamics 2020
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Emerging Business Trends for 2021/22
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Yarn & Fabric Import / Export
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Cotton Market Today

BCI Discussion Forum: Western China

  • November 2020 | BCI Retailer & Brand Discussion Forum: Western China
  • September 2020 |  BCI Retailer & Brand Discussion Forum: Western China
  • May 2020 | BCI Member Discussion Forum: Western China Recap

BCI Members can register for webinars and access recordings of past webinars by logging in to the member-only area of the website. You will need your member login credentials to access the registration information. If you need help logging in, please email your BCI contact or email:

Public Webinars | BCI Introduction for Retailers & Brands

This series of public webinars will provide an introduction to BCI, details around the Better Cotton Standard System, sourcing, communications, and membership information for retailers and brands.

Audience: For any retailers and brands who want to know more about BCI and membership options. Staff within existing BCI member organisations are welcome to join for a refresh or introduction. Other organisations are also welcome to join, if interested.

Please sign up to a webinar date of your choice. All webinars are delivered in English.

  • Thursday 4 February | 2-3 pm GMT | Click here to register.
  • Thursday 4 March | 2-3 pm GMT | Click here to register.

In case of an insufficient number of registered participants, BCI reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a webinar.

Public Webinars | BCI Introduction for Suppliers & BCP Suppliers

This series of public webinars aim to provide you an introduction to BCI, Better Cotton, BCI Membership offer and Better Cotton Platform supplier registration while simultaneously addressing your related queries.

Audience: Spinners, Cotton traders, fabric mills, garment manufacturers and other supply chain intermediaries who are interested in becoming BCI Members or BCP Suppliers.

Please sign up to a webinar date of your choice. All webinars are delivered in English.

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In case of an insufficient number of registered participants, BCI reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a webinar.

Public Webinars | BCI Supplier Training Programme

BCI’s Supplier Training Programme (STP) is designed to help suppliers understand BCI’s mission, learn about the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines which is based on mass-balance administration, and familiarise themselves with the Better Cotton Platform. A more technical focus on the business of Better Cotton.

Audience: BCI invites suppliers sourcing Better Cotton and who are new to BCI or those who are simply interested to learn about BCI to these webinars. Therefore, spinning mills, fabric mills, and end-product manufacturers are ideal candidates for this webinar.

Please register to join a webinar at a date convenient to you and your interested colleagues.

19 January 2021 | 4:00-16:00 CST | Mandarin | Click Here to Register

20 January 2021  | 10:00-12:00 GMT+3 | Turkish | Click Here to Register

27 January 2021 | 14:00-15:30 IST | English | Click Here to Register

17 February 2021 | 10:00-12:00 GMT+3 | Turkish | Click Here to Register

25 February 2021 | 4:00-16:00 CST | Mandarin | Click Here to Register

In case of an insufficient number of registered participants, BCI reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a webinar.