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Today – October 7 – is World Cotton Day, and Better Cotton is celebrating with a variety of stories and events that aim to highlight sustainability in cotton around the world.

World Cotton day Stories

For this year’s edition of World Cotton Day, we are thrilled to spotlight some of our African partners – from Mozambique, Mali and Egypt – through a series of videos.

We also hear from some of Better Cotton’s staff members from around the world speaking about sustainable farming practices and what they wish people would know about when buying cotton.

Event: Weaving a Better Future for Cotton – FAO (Rome, Italy)

The event, to be opened by FAO Director-General, QU Dongyu, aims to draw attention to the people around the world who earn their livelihoods through the cotton value chain.

Alia Malik, our Senior Director for Data and Traceability, will take part in the panel discussion on the topic ‘Sustainable cotton – challenges and opportunities for smallholders’. Here’s the link to the webcast.

Event: The Future of Cotton – Sustainability (Aydin, Turkey)

Better Cotton is holding a joint event with Textile Exchange in Aydin, Turkey.

The event – a side event to the World Cotton Day celebrations in Aydin, will gather people from throughout the sustainable cotton community.

Better Cotton’s Paula Lum Young Bautil and Aline D’Ormesson are speaking.

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