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27.11.13 Just-Style

Turkish denim specialist Calik Denim is launching a new eco-denim line to showcase its ongoing sustainability work.

Called “Botanical Sense,’ the collection will launch with 20 new natural denims made from organic cotton, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton, recycled cotton, linen, paper yarn, Tencel and Modal. Dyestuffs are either natural indigo or those approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). And finishes feature the recently introduced less-water technology or natural ingredients.

Consisting of stretch, superstretch, comfort stretch and rigid articles,the collection is specifically designed for the Northern European markets.

At the company’s production plant in Malatya, the entire production process is said to be environmentally-friendly.

Its R&D centre is currently working on 36 projects including vegetable dyes, energy-saving finishes and reducing water use in production. In particular, the Eco-Save process uses 65% less water and chemicals in a typical denim production cycle, and has resulted in an average drop of 70% in production waste, the company says.

Another innovation is a special finishing technique that gives a very soft handle along with a smoother and shinier surface appearance – but also uses 50% less water and just a quarter of the chemicals compared to other conventional finishes, according to Calik.

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