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Photo credit: Better Cotton. Location: Islamabad, Pakistan, 2024. Description: Better Cotton and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry sign Memorandum of Understanding.

Better Cotton Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to amplify the benefits and accelerate the uptake of Better Cotton across the country.  

The FPCCI oversees more than 270 domestic trade bodies relating to national trade and services. Its expertise lies in promoting economic activities and safeguarding the interests of the private sector, which it does through close and constant dialogue with the country’s government.  

A key point of this collaboration will be Better Cotton Traceability, which launched in November 2023 after three years of research and development alongside fashion and textile stakeholders. 

The FPCCI will support Better Cotton Pakistan in the national rollout of traceability, as supply chains adapt to meet increasing demands for transparency and the requirements of emerging legislation. 

Better Cotton will provide training to the FPCCI on its new Chain of Custody Standard, which suppliers that wish to trade Traceable Better Cotton must comply with in order to participate in the product’s chain of custody. 

Better Cotton Pakistan will work to accelerate capacity strengthening in the country in order to meet industry expectations and export targets.  

In turn, the FPCCI will promote the mission statement and uptake of Better Cotton among its members, communicating the advantages of more sustainable cotton production both at field level and within supply chains.  

Earlier this month, Better Cotton Chief Operating Officer, Lena Staafgard, and the Director of Better Cotton Pakistan, Hina Fouzia, joined the FPCCI’s President Atif Ikram Shiekh at an event in Islamabad to formalise the agreement. 

This partnership has been forged at an opportune time for Better Cotton Pakistan, as we look to scale the availability of Traceable Better Cotton and in-country compliance with our Chain of Custody Standard. The FPCCI’s trade expertise and relationships with government will be a key lever as we look to advance this area of our work and promote its benefits both domestically and globally.

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