We are proud to announce that BCI has been selected as one of LAUNCH Nordic’s top nine Innovators for 2014, receiving support from IKEA, Novezymes, Kvadrat, leading Scientists, Investors and Nordic Gov. The 2014 LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challengesaw applications from 65 organisations in more than 20 countries that have potential to transform the supply chain of textiles, fabrics and fibres to a system that has a minimal environmental impact and drive social equality.

As a result of BCI’s successful 2014 Challenge application we have been selected to participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum in Malm√∂, Sweden. Later this year, as part of the programme, 30 industry executives, materials experts, government officials and investors will gather and form the LAUNCH Nordic Council to offer insight and guidance to help scale its leading innovators. BCI will then take part in an accelerator programme to develop ideas and will be provided with access to capital for innovation, credibility and capacity.

Lena Staafgard, Business Director, BCI says ”We’re excited and proud to be part of the Launch Nordic group of innovators – a confirmation that BCI is continuing to break new ground when it comes to finding ways to really mainstream sustainability in a sector as complex as cotton. After five years we know there is no magic wand to fall back on for creating lasting change and are committed to keep up our focus on learning and innovation to find the most efficient and effective towards a better future.”

To read more about the LAUNCH Nordic programme, please click here.

LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform by: IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, 3GF, Danish Ministry of the Environment & The Fund for Green Business Development, the City of Copenhagen and Vinnova. LAUNCH Nordic was created in collaboration with LAUNCH, a strategic partnership between NASA, NIKE, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) & The U.S. Department of State

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