BCI has been working closely with the Sustainable Commodities Initiative on their’State of Sustainability Initiatives’ (SSI) 2014 Review, providing Better Cotton data for their report. The 2014 Review will include 16 leading initiatives operating in the forestry, soy, palm oil, sugar, biofuels, coffee, tea, cocoa, banana and cotton sectors: “The State of Sustainability Initiatives (SSI) project seeks to enhance global understanding and learning about the role and potential of market-based voluntary sustainability initiatives (VSS) such as eco-labels, sustainability standards and roundtables in the promotion of sustainable development. By providing objective, reliable and timely information on the characteristics, performance and market trends associated with voluntary sustainability initiatives, the SSI will facilitate more strategic decision-making and continual improvement across market-based voluntary sustainability initiatives (VSS).”

The three main project activities of the SSI are:
1) Documenting the market trends and developments of the VSS sector
2) Providing a regular reporting service on major VSS events
3) Facilitating thematic discussions on the relationship between VSS and key sustainable development issues.

Click here to learn more about the State of Sustainability Initiatives Review.

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