We are delighted to announce that BCI have become the Bremen Cotton Exchange’s newest member.

The purpose of the Bremen Cotton Exchange, is to ”maintain and to promote the interests of all those connected with the cotton trade and with the first stage of processing cotton.”

As the retail sector grows, so does the need for information and transparency in the cotton industry. The Bremen Cotton Exchange regularly provides information to their members’ and the public with objective and factual reports about global trends in cotton. Reports include price trends, regional availability and up to date information on procurement markets.

President of the Bremen Cotton Exchange Ernst Grimmelt said, “Just like the Bremen Cotton Exchange, the Better Cotton Initiative has a worldwide network. Both organisations have far-reaching expertise in the market, the processes and methods of cotton growing. In this respect, we look forward to intensive expert dialogue with the BCI team.”

BCI CEO Patrick Laine added, ”The Bremen Cotton Exchange’s global reputation for expertise concerning the quality of cotton has been established over 130 years of history.BCI looks forward to a close collaboration as we strive to continuously improve the sustainability and quality of the cotton produced by over 1.2 million farmers who currently participate in our program. We are delighted to join the membership of this renowned organisation.”

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