We are delighted to announce that BCI’s application to join the ISEAL Alliance has been approved and BCI has now become an associate member of ISEAL. ISEAL is the global membership association for sustainability standards, and includes as members some of the most recognised and credible standards systems in the world, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) UTZ Certified, Fairtrade and RainforestAlliance. All members must embrace the ISEAL Credibility Principles, meet the entry level criteria of ISEAL’sCodes of Good Practice,agree to fully comply with the Codes within a set time frame, and commit to continuous learning and improvement.Since being established in 2005, BCI has been working hard to build the system that follows good practices as recommended by ISEAL.

Patrick Laine, CEO, BCI: ”With more than 450 sustainability initiatives being implemented around the globe, it is understandable that companies are unsure about which ones to commit to. Adoption of ISEAL practices by sustainability initiatives provides companies assurance that the initiative is credible, and not just a marketing program or awareness-raising campaign.BCI is delighted that its program has received this level of recognition.”

Karin Kreider, Executive Director, ISEAL: ”ISEAL applauds the Better Cotton Initiative on all of the effort the organisation has put in to become an ISEAL associate member and demonstrate that its global standards programme follows credible and effective practices. We are thrilled to have such an influential initiative in the cotton sector joining the ISEAL Alliance and committing to working alongside other sustainability standards to deliver positive impacts.”

Being an ISEAL member, full or associate, is a sign of trust that a Standards System is credible and has been developed following globally recognised good practices. With the recognition of ISEAL, prospective BCI members can have confidence that by supporting Better Cotton, they are supporting a more sustainable future for the cotton sector as a whole.

Follow these links to learn more about ISEAL and the Better Cotton Standards System.To read the announcement on ISEAL’s website, click here.



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