We are very pleased to announce the publication of theBCI 2013 Harvest Report in Chinese and in French. In answer to feedback from our members, we are reporting on our harvest data – at global and country level – in additional languages for the very first time. These reports are a key contribution in making Better Cotton accessible to a global market. Visit our Annual Reports web page to download and share the reports.

The English language version of the 2013 Harvest Report was released in September.

Some highlights include:

» Almost 680,000 farmers met the standard to earn a licence to grow Better Cotton. That’s a 400% increase on last year thanks to great progress made on successful global partnerships.
» 905,000 metric tonnes of Better Cotton were produced, included that produced under two newly benchmarked standards: Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) and the ABR standard in Brazil.
» Better Cotton was produced in 15 countries worldwide.
» Independent case studies were conducted in China and Mali, including qualitative feedback from the farmers themselves on the most significant changes they have seen since becoming part of the Better Cotton movement.

Better Cotton is sown and harvested in different annual cycles all over the world, which means we provide the results of a harvest late on in the following year when all data has been collected, checked and collated.

We’re incredibly proud of everything we achieved on entering our Expansion Phase in 2013, and as the 2014 season continues we’re making strong progress towards making Better Cotton a more sustainable mainstream commodity.

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