Who grows Better Cotton?
In 2015, 91 farmers in Israel, the total population of cotton farmers in the country, produced their first cotton harvest licensed as Better Cotton.

Who is BCI’s partner in Israel?
The International Cotton Board (ICB) is a farmer-owned producer organisation that represents all 91 cotton farmers in the country. The ICB coordinates relations between farmers, other supply chain actors and research and development institutions in Israel.

Over the coming years, ICB intends to develop an Israeli cotton standard. By the end of 2017, we plan on initiating our benchmarking process, with the aim of recognising the new Israeli Standard as equivalent to the Better Cotton Standard, with the ultimate aim of allowing the cotton produced under the standard to be sold as Better Cotton.

When is cotton grown in Israel?
Cotton is sown in the Northern District and Southern District of Israel between March and May, and harvested between September and October.

For the most up to date information and more data from the Better Cotton harvest in Israel, please refer to our most recent Harvest Report.