As both the world’s largest cotton producer and a major consumer of cotton, China is a key country for Better Cotton. Sustainable cotton production is a major challenge here, with 24 million farmers depending on cotton cultivation to earn a living and the environmental footprint this represents.

A BCI Representative Office was registered in Shanghai in May 2012 and is recognised in China as a Swiss Trade Association. This structure was chosen to help guarantee the success of Better Cotton in China.

Who grows Better Cotton?

BCI Farmers in China are organised into large farms that are either renting land from the state or from rural collective economic organisations.

In the 2018-19 cotton season, 81,04 licensed BCI Farmers in China produced 896,000 tonnes of Better Cotton lint on 431,000 hectares.

Find out more about the success, challenges and key changes that happened in the 2018-19 cotton season in the Better Cotton Country Snapshots.

Who are BCI’s Implementing Partners in China? (2020-21 cotton season)

BCI works with a number of Implementing Partners in China including: Cotton Connect China, Huangmei Huinong scientific and technology planting and breeding professional cooperative, Shandong Binzhou Nongxi Cotton Professional Cooperative, Solidaridad (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology Development Company Limited and Songzi City Nanwuchang Grain, cotton and oil professional Cooperative.

When is cotton grown in China?

Cotton is sown throughout the month of April and harvested from September to November.

Western China Resources for BCI Members

BCI Members can stay informed of the latest developments related to the BCI Programme and its implementation in Western China here.