Stories from the Field

Producing Better Cotton has real economic, social and environmental benefits. The communities of BCI Farmers are starting to genuinely feel those changes. But it is the stories from the farmers and workers themselves that really convince. Below is a compilation of some of their personal experiences and perspectives that we’re proud to share.


Improving Working Conditions for Farm Workers in Şanlıurfa


Tackling Water Shortages in Tajikistan: One BCI Farmer’s Commitment to Trialing Innovative Water-Saving Practices


Changing Lives and Attitudes in Mozambique: One Family’s Journey to Understanding the Importance of Children’s Education


Female Farm-Worker in Pakistan Fulfils Her Dream of Economic Independence


BCI Farmers in India Form Their Own Farmer-Owned Collective and Improve Their Livelihoods


Towards Women’s Economic Empowerment in Mali: One Woman’s Journey to Improve the Lives of Rural Women


On the Front Line of Climate Change with BCI Farmers in Madagascar


Female Farmer Becomes a Role Model in Pakistani Cotton Community


Overcoming a Cotton Crisis Through Collaboration and working In Harmony With the Environment


Helping BCI Farmers in China Conserve Water and Raise Yields Despite Extreme Weather


Fighting Drought With BCI Farmers in Australia


Farmers to Adopt Sustainable Agricultural Practices in the Face of Extreme Weather


How a BCI Decent Work Training Influenced a Farmer in Pakistan to Send His Son Back to School


How a BCI Farmer in India Defied the Odds to Embrace Natural Farming Methods


A BCI Farmer’s Journey to Raising Yields in Mozambique


Chinese Co-Op Helps More than 275 Smallholder Farmers Raise Their Yields and Profits


Bringing Communities Together to Celebrate Women


BCI Farmers Stand at the Forefront of Soil Conservation


Raising Awareness of Child Labour and Gender Equality


A Day in the Life of an Agricultural Advisor


Sharing Progressive Environmental Practices Globally


Helping Farmers Promote Decent Work


Improving Safety by Using Personal Protective Equipment