Civil Society Membership

Civil Society Members are not-for-profit organisations which serve the public interest and common good related to the cotton supply chain.

Membership benefits

Joining BCI offers a way for progressive civil society organisations to take decisive steps towards securing a more sustainable future for mainstream global cotton production. Membership provides the opportunity to meet, collaborate and influence other categories of stakeholders on the same journey.  Your organisation is joining a results-driven initiative with a quick return on your investment of fees and efforts.

What it means to be a Member

BCI Civil Society Members participate in BCI’s General Assembly and Council and have the opportunity to influence processes and discussions at BCI. BCI Council positions are open to all members (except for Associate Members), and Civil Society Members hold three seats in the BCI Council.

Members are also required to comply with:

BCI Code of Practice (for non-commercial members).

BCI Terms of Membership.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are differentiated in relation to the size of the organisation. Click here to download the BCI 2017 Fee structure for Civil Society Members.